Potato Virgin.

I love potatoes. I love them in any form.  You know that game, if you were stuck on a deserted Island and could only have three foods, what would they be? Mine – Potatoes, dark chocolate and tea. The first on my list is potatoes. So the fact that this is my first time growing potatoes is a surprise to anyone who knows me.  My Irish ancestors are whispering in my ear saying , “Well it’s about time.” I think I thought I might ruin them and then my heart would be broken.
As I don’t have any room left in my small(ish) garden, I opted to grow them in sacks. I ordered sacks from amazon that have little flaps built in to the sides so I can harvest from the bottom without disturbing the top.  As you can see from this picture, I think the sacks are too short.  Only time will tell.  The instructions for harvest is two weeks after the green tops have died, which I understand won’t be until September.  If anyone has tried this sack method and can share, please do so. I’ve heard from some friends that they know someone who knows someone who grew the potatoes in stacked tires.  That doesn’t sound tasty to me. But, I’d like to hear from anyone who has tried that method.

Sack Potatoes - too big for their bed
Sack Potatoes – too big for their bed

Stay tuned for the big reveal – will they be a mess or will they bedelicious?  Only time will tell.

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