Heisey Pink Flamingo Depression Glass Pattern #500 Octagon Basket with Handle


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This a unique Heisey pink depression glass handled basket made between 1925-1935, and the design is #500 Octagon Basket. The color is called Flamingo Pink. It has the Heisey maker’s mark on the base which is the distinct H inside of a diamond. What’s unusual about this piece is the “knob” in the center of the handle. According to the National Heisey Glass Museum, the knob in the handle means that this piece is considered unfinished. That extra piece should have been ground and polished off the handle. The Museum rep said “that was how they pressed the glass through the mold”. The handle itself is not a perfect semi-circle as one side rises up higher than the other, which may not be immediately noticeable. As an “imperfect” piece this would have ordinarily been discarded. However, the Museum rep thought that what probably happened is a worker took it home rather than discarding it or melting it back down, which gives this piece a sweet little back story.

The basket holds 1 cup liquid capacity. The basket itself is 2 3/4 inches tall without the handle, with the handle it is 5 inches tall. It is 4 1/2 inches long.

CONDITION: There are no chips or nicks in the glass. There are a couple of small bubbles, common in depression glass, which I have highlighted in the photo. There are a few light “use” marks with the largest near the top, also highlighted in the photos. Considering it’s age, and the fact that it was an imperfect piece to begin with, it is in good vintage condition.

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