About Us

About Us

Spring is finally here and The Charmed Garden has emerged from the long cold winter into the Spring sunshine as a brand new website, The Charmed Path. My sister Mae, who had a blog called The Charmed Cork, has joined me to create a website that incorporates my gardening and design expertise with her fine eye for vintage and destined to be vintage decor, wine glasses, and the wine to fill them.

All the content from The Charmed Garden is still available through the search button, including my recipes. My sis will now add her wine knowledge with a monthly Blog under the Charmed Cork Tastings. The wine glasses and the prettiest , coolest dishes and decor will be available in our new Shop.

About Laurine

I am Laurine Byrne and I have been a garden geek from the first marigold and radish seeds I planted in our backyard as a kid. I became a certified Landscape Designer at Northwestern University and then a Master Gardener through the University of Illinois Extension Master Gardener program.

I believe you don’t have to be born with a green thumb to have a beautiful garden. You can find joy in green spaces and colorful chaos in the largest public garden or the smallest container garden.

About Mae

I am Mae, Laurine’s younger sis. I am a corporate professional who travels the world. I love finding glassware from all over the world. Each has it’s own story from who created it, to the culture that influenced the design.

My favorite destination is Epernay, France, for it’s beauty and of course the champagne. Champagne glasses are, by far, my favorite barware. Look for my posts in the Charmed Cork page where I will share the stories of the glasses and the wine to fill them.