Garden Design

4th Aug, 2019

Plentiful Pollinators

I designed our Community Garden pollinator beds. Take a look and see what plants you might be able to include in your garden beds this Spring. Read More

24th Jan, 2019

The Winter Garden

Winter is a great time to take a visual inventory of your garden. Read More

6th Jun, 2018

So Many Plants, So Little Time

Like most gardeners in the Midwest I have been waiting, and waiting and waiting for the cold damp rainy, even freezy, Spring to give way to a more mild mannered, happy to be here, Spring.... Read More

16th May, 2018

Front Yard Garden Design

Solve the problem of a soggy garden with the perfect design. Read More

Spring in to . . . Summer

We are well in to Spring now, finally!! By now most of us have cleaned up the garden,  put in some annuals, started our veggie gardens, and maybe even trimmed a bush or two.  If... Read More

5th Apr, 2018

The Dreaded Spring Freeze

Planning ahead helps keep your garden view bright through a chilly spring. Read More

19th Feb, 2018

Winter Beauty

No matter the size of your yard, you can have a beautiful, easy to care for, colorful trees and bushes. Read More

27th Dec, 2017

Baby It’ s Cold Outside

    We’ve finally had snow, like most of the Midwest, but nothing like the east coast. Holy crap Pennsylvania,  Five Feet of Snow!?! If you don’t have a snow blower, we’ll see you in... Read More

19th Nov, 2017

Good Garden Feels All Year Round

A well planned garden will bring happiness all year round. Read More

31st Oct, 2017

For Garden Inspiration, Think Big!!

Fall is a beautiful time of year. If you have a vegetable garden, you're pretty much done with the harvest, unless you're the one with the cold frame.  If you're a flower gardener, you're also... Read More

9th Oct, 2017

Brilliant Fall Colors are Not Just in the Trees

How to Add Fall Color in your Perennial Garden Read More

17th Sep, 2017

Simple Steps to Planning Your Own Butterfly Garden

I took this photo in August of this 2017 at our Pollinator Garden in the Oak Lawn Community Garden. We created this garden in early spring of 2017 in the worse soil imaginable.  This space... Read More

10th Jul, 2017

Mid-Summer in the Garden

Time to think about design to connect your veggie garden to the rest of your yard. Read More

7th Mar, 2017

Small Garden Design Inspiration

Who says you can't garden surrounded by cement? Check out this small garden design for inspiration. Read More

14th Nov, 2016

Welcome to R & J Landscape Design! This part of  The Charmed Garden blog  will show you before and after photos with advice on troubleshooting using design techniques combined with some basic horticulture information. Budget... Read More

12th Aug, 2016

Sedum Joy All Year Round

This time of year I am grateful for the plants in my garden that aren’t asking me to do anything but wave hello. There are so many things that require are attention all day long. So... Read More

25th Feb, 2016

Troubleshooting through Design

  Throughout our yards we can have micro climates created by concrete patios, driveways, garages, our neighbor’s trees, etc. Often we find it hard to get anything we plant to thrive year after year in... Read More