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Set of Vintage hand blown crystal wine glasses with a series of cut ferns and gentle cross hatch which, together, form a hanging bow pattern encircling the bowl of the glass. The stem has smooth but differently shaped indentations running its length and the base has simple fern cuts. The pattern, the style and the clarity of the crystal make us believe this is a Rock Sharpe wine glass, pattern unknown. Wine afficionado’s will know that the glass is perfect for a white wine with a flowery aroma and works well for a lighter and fruity red wine. They’re stunning when filled because the wine makes the design pop. They will look beautiful on a formally set dinner table or at holiday reception.

Rock Sharpe was a glass cutting company based in New York in the 1930s and 1940s and purchased hand-made and, later, machine-made blank crystal stemware from Libbey and Bryce Brothers which Rock Sharpe later cut to decorate. Rock Sharpe was purchased by Libbey after WWII ended and used it to make cut glass under the Libbey name. In 1947 the operation was moved to Toledo, Ohio. Records of Rock Sharpe patterns have been lost but you can find the identification of some of them in books and various websites.

The glasses are 8 3/4 inches tall with a rim of 3/12 inches diameter. The stem is 4 3/4 inches in height. The glass holds 1 cup when filled to the rim.

CONDITION: The glasses have no nicks, scratches, cracks, or stains. One glass has small smooth dip, not a chip, on the rim. This was likely done when the process of blowing the glass was completed and then cut at the rim to separate the piece. The crystal is clear and bright. There are periodic very small bubbles throughout. There is a pontil mark on the underside of the base of each glass, created by the hand blowing process and is not a flaw.

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