The last month here has been busy busy busy! All our seedlings have been given new homes either in our own garden, or adopted out to good homes.
From humble beginnings . . .
seedlings in LR 2017
Come a lot of veggies 🙂
And they’re growing fast.

Broccoli and Cauliflower, Strawberries (itty bitty so far), lettuce greens mixed with Kale and Spinach, a lone Cherry Tomato with Chamomile in front of it, and the last picture is Bok Choy and Kolrabi.  The last two I bought at Menards at a super sale. I have no idea what to do with kolrabi, but I hear it’s tender and sweet. We’ll see.
Here are the tomatoes planted along side our garage. One of our fast and furious storms took out half of my tomatoes. The Cherry Tomatoes and Roma Tomatoes (paste tomatoes) made it, the heirlooms did not. 🙁   I had to buy those at a local nursery.  Neither our Home Depot nor Menards (big box home improvement stores) had heirloom tomatoes this year.
The pepper seedlings did very well this year. Usually they don’t.  The only difference is this year we used a long UV light instead of just our window.

In these pots are Poblano peppers, bush beans, salad greens, and purple Alyssum. The lettuce is ready to harvest now, the bush beans will be ready in about a month and then a month later the Poblanos will be ready.  The bush beans are purple so their flowers will coordinate  nicely with the purple Alyssum, and both will compliment the vibrant greens. Planting the veggies to mature at different times is called succession planting. Planting annuals with your veggies makes it look pretty while you’re waiting for your veggies to make it to your table.

These pots have sweet peppers mixed with purple petunias, herbs and salad greens.

This pot has an Eggplant in it with purple petunias.  The plant needs a trellis and this one really dresses it up. The Eggplant likes heat and needs little water, which makes this spot perfect.
If you haven’t already started your garden, it’s really not too late. You can still get plants at your nursery or the big box stores.  Start small with a pot or two on your deck or balcony or just outside your kitchen door.  Lettuce grows very easy by seed but you can also buy a 6 pack for very little $. I bought a 6 pack variety for $1.14 at Menards. Fill your pot with good quality potting soil. Put your empty plant containers in the pot to take up some space so you don’t need as much soil. Put your new plants in and water daily for the first week. No need to soak them, but make sure the pot doesn’t dry out. Then just water as needed.

Vegetables really do taste different straight from your garden. Greens are not as bitter and the tomatoes are sweeter.  Really.


  1. Anne says:

    Love the idea of mixing flowere and veggies. I’m going to try that on my patio today. Thanks.

  2. Thanks Anne. Share your pictures. I’d love to see them.

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