This is a photo of  Crocus, which are the first of the Spring blubs to bloom here, popping through snow, or in our case, ice.  To quote my cousin, Bob, “It is Alive!”
They are nestled under a Viburnum which I have trimmed to shape like a small tree.  Planted right outside our front door, we can see them first thing in the morning when we step out the door to start our day. They’re a cheerful greeting as you come up the step to our front door.  These perky gems are the first sign of Spring for me and they always put a smile on my face, which is why we have gardens after all.

Now how can you not smile when you see that? 🙂 You’d have to be a Spring Scrooge.
You can plant these little beauties in the fall.  There’s nothing to it! They’re small bulbs that are all placed in one shallow hole.  Super Easy and relatively affordable, you only need to plant these once. They’ll put on a Spring show every year for you.

Mass plant them just about anywhere,  under trees, along the edge of a garden bed or retaining wall, or near an entrance to your home.

Stay Tuned for Act II – Daffodils

They’ll be popping through any day now 🙂


  1. I just love my snow crocuses! Your flowers are beautiful!

  2. Hi Diane – Thanks! Every year they’re a welcome surprise. Our Daffodils are almost open and everything else is finally peaking their heads out of their beds. I’d love to see a photo of yours.

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