The beauty of Spring comes in many forms. It’s not just all about your flowering trees and shrubs, or blooming bulbs and bright colored pansies.  Check  out these photos of a Robin’s nest built over the light fixture next to our garage side door.  The nest is built every Spring, whether the eggs bring babies or not.  Well finally her diligence has paid off. This Spring, Lady Robin’s nest is Full!!!

We’ve watched her build the nest and warm it through all our nasty weather this Spring. This past Sunday the babies were big enough for us to see without having to get too close. We did put the mama to work though. Every time we stepped out on to our deck, which isn’t far from the garage, she flew to the Redbud tree or the Dogwoods and screeched at us.  No hard feelings, it is after all her job to protect her babies.

Our dog, Donnie, wasn’t interested in her at all, but that didn’t stop her from her job to distract the already distracted dog from her nest.
I tried to get a picture of  her feeding her babies, but alas I just wasn’t fast enough.  This was as good as I could get.
It was really cool to see her fly to her nest with a worm in her mouth and feed the babies.  When they popped their heads out, we counted four.  That’s a tight fit, but I bet it has kept them warm this cold rainy, freezing, thunderous Spring.
Here’s one more photo of her in our Redbud.  If you’re stressed or in a glum mood for any reason, please take a walk outside and take your mind off of what ails you.  For at least a little while, forget the storms and feel the sunshine.


  1. Anne says:

    Happy Spring to all. Loved the pictures.

  2. Thanks Anne. Hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day.

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