This is a Hydrangea Bush in my front yard which can grow up to  10 feet tall, if I let it.

It snowed again last week and it was beautiful. The snowfall seems to create a hush, like an outdoor insulation.
The beautiful tree in the front of our yard is a Bald Cypress which is a native to Illinois.


The tree in this photo is a Redbud, also a native. Planting natives saves the gardener time and money. Natives grow stronger quicker because they feel at home in the soil and the climate.  The gardener does not have to nurse it for years to get it to grow  or keep it alive.  Within a couple of years, maximum, the roots have grown strong enough so that you no longer need to water or feed it.  Here’s a photo of the Redbud in a glorious Spring bloom.

Ah Spring. I can almost smell it.

I encourage you to take the time to do a little research on native plants in your neck of the woods. Whether it’s bushes, trees or flowers that you want to add to your yard this year, it’s worth a little of your time now, in order to save money and time later. You can use your state’s flagship university extension program’s website to find the trees, bushes or flowers for your yard.  Canada has extension programs as well. Here in Illinois it is through University of Illinois at  You can also send me your questions through the comment section for a little extra help or a referral to the extension program near you.
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  1. Hello. Nice pics, I am looking forward to spring and the spring flowers. Yes. We got 14 inches here. With -2 degree’s this morning with 3-5 inches of snow coming in.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Wow. That’s a lot of snow!! A few weeks ago we got 13 inches on Friday and another 4 the rest of the weekend. The pics in the blog post are from just last week where we only had a few inches. This week it’s all gone. We’ve had a lot of rain the last couple of days. Today is the first day with some sun.

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