Hello Everyone
Fall is here, at least in the Midwest. Many of you want to know what to do now. The first thing to do is really just sit back and enjoy the beauty around you. Take a deep breath, (and your allergy meds), and smell the crisp cool air. Ok now that you are in your zen place, you can do a little maintenance. By now you have probably swapped your crusty petunias for some fresh pansies and mums. Remember to water. Even though its cool, your potted plants still need to be watered at least every other day. Your perennial garden is well established so little maintenance is needed. Dead head to keep a fresh look in your garden, but you don’t need to cut back your hardy perennials. You should continue to harvest from your veggie garden right up until frost. Lettuce, Spinach, Kale and Chard are cool weather veggies so they’ll continue to feed you and your family until Thanksgiving, that is so long as we have seasonal weather and no surprise polar vortexes. You can pick green tomatoes and set them on your window sills until red. My 82 year Auntie swears by the method of wrapping green toms in newspaper and storing them in brown paper bags for a couple of weeks. According to her this should guide them into ripeness.

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