20th Jun, 2021

Gardening with Herbs

Herbs in the garden are magical to me. They certainly give more than they take because they're so very easy to grow. They attract pollinators, which increases the bounty in your veggie garden. Their aromas... Read More

4th Aug, 2019

Plentiful Pollinators

I designed our Community Garden pollinator beds. Take a look and see what plants you might be able to include in your garden beds this Spring. Read More

23rd Sep, 2018

Soup, There it is!

Minestrone is a slightly sweet, mellow, tomato rich soup that even people who say they hate vegetables will like. Really. Read More

31st Oct, 2017

For Garden Inspiration, Think Big!!

Fall is a beautiful time of year. If you have a vegetable garden, you're pretty much done with the harvest, unless you're the one with the cold frame.  If you're a flower gardener, you're also... Read More