Vegetable Gardening

9th Jun, 2021

Roasted Orange Tomato and Thai Basil Soup

[lt_recipe name=”Roasted Orange Tomato and Thai Basil Soup” servings=”8 cups” prep_time=”45M” cook_time=”45M” total_time=”1H30M” difficulty=”Easy ” summary=”The bulk of your work will be slicing your tomatoes for roasting. The rest is basic prep work for assembling... Read More

22nd Oct, 2019

The Big Beautiful Beet

Beets are beautiful and delicious. Roast your beets with your herbs for a spectacular salad. Read More

27th Jun, 2019

At Long Last – Summer !!

Summer became official here June 21st, and it looks like Mother Nature got the memo because we finally have warmer temps here in Illinois. The gardens here are actually still recovering from a rough winter,... Read More

23rd Sep, 2018

Soup, There it is!

Minestrone is a slightly sweet, mellow, tomato rich soup that even people who say they hate vegetables will like. Really. Read More

10th Jul, 2018

Here’s to Friends in Green Spaces

Want to start your own vegetable and herb garden? It's easier than you think. Read More

6th Jun, 2018

So Many Plants, So Little Time

Like most gardeners in the Midwest I have been waiting, and waiting and waiting for the cold damp rainy, even freezy, Spring to give way to a more mild mannered, happy to be here, Spring.... Read More

19th Nov, 2017

Good Garden Feels All Year Round

A well planned garden will bring happiness all year round. Read More

10th Jul, 2017

Mid-Summer in the Garden

Time to think about design to connect your veggie garden to the rest of your yard. Read More

3rd Jul, 2017

The Easy days of Summer in the Garden

This time of year in the garden is a sort of chill time.  All the hard work and planning is done.  You’ve already harvested some of your veggies and berries.  Your greens are looking for... Read More