We garden and appreciate gardens for the way it makes us feel. The Beauty in the Garden comes not just from the colors of the Spring or Summer, nor from the edible bounty.  Texture in the garden is overlooked when it is filled with the lush, rich colors and aroma during our growing seasons.
Our pollinator garden beds at the Oak Lawn Community Garden are a really good example of how even small can be mighty all year long.   I designed the beds this Spring using natives, peat moss, and mushroom compost because this was some seriously messed up soil.  A Planting Plan was created, layering the plants with the largest in the middle, surrounded by successively smaller plants, creating a cascading effect. This works beautifully in the garden all year round.  The edging reinforces the curvilinear butterfly shape of the beds, which can put a smile on your face even in the grey gloom of a snow-less winter.
Gardeners are always planing for the next season. The Winter is no exception. In fact Winter is an excellent time to create a design and/or planting plan. Re-think the way you view the surrounding landscapes. See the garden with an eye towards structure and texture. These are the design principles that will give you the happy garden feels when the gardens sleeps for the winter.
This entrance to the Lake Katherine gardens is still gorgeous even in winter.


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