How to Grow It

25th May, 2022

Spring Brings a Bounty of Beautiful Blooming Bulbs

Spring blooming bulbs are beautiful and very easy to plant. Read More

11th Aug, 2021

wildflowers from the field to your garden

Wildflowers have made themselves at home in all sorts of gardens over the years, moving from the vacant lots of my youth, to carefully public gardens, and now our own yards. Our front yard growing... Read More

20th Jun, 2021

Gardening with Herbs

Herbs in the garden are magical to me. They certainly give more than they take because they're so very easy to grow. They attract pollinators, which increases the bounty in your veggie garden. Their aromas... Read More

4th Aug, 2019

Plentiful Pollinators

I designed our Community Garden pollinator beds. Take a look and see what plants you might be able to include in your garden beds this Spring. Read More

27th Jun, 2019

At Long Last – Summer !!

Summer became official here June 21st, and it looks like Mother Nature got the memo because we finally have warmer temps here in Illinois. The gardens here are actually still recovering from a rough winter,... Read More

24th Jan, 2019

The Winter Garden

Winter is a great time to take a visual inventory of your garden. Read More

27th Jun, 2018

June Blooms are Worth the Wait!

The garden explodes with colorful perennials in June, giving us a reward Read More

16th May, 2018

Spring in to . . . Summer

We are well in to Spring now, finally!! By now most of us have cleaned up the garden,  put in some annuals, started our veggie gardens, and maybe even trimmed a bush or two.  If... Read More

30th Apr, 2018

Some Assembly (and Patience) Required

A record setting cold spring needs a little patience, and a little Mushroom Barley Soup. Read More

20th Mar, 2018

Early Spring Blooms Bloom Early

Crocus bloom in late winter and early spring, giving us vibrant colors poking through a frozen garden. Read More

8th Mar, 2018

Spring is So Close You Smell It. Wondering What to Plant First? Let’s Get Started :)

A guide for what vegetables seeds to start now, and when to transplant them in your garden this spring and summer. Read More

26th Nov, 2017

Simple Steps to Prep your Garden for the Winter

Prep your garden for the winter with just a few simple steps. Read More